Taking Care of a Puppy by Puppy Proofing a Home

Taking care of a puppy is much like caring for a new baby. Pet owners who use dog care information to puppy proof their homes can rest easy when the new dog arrives .

Dog Care Information and Tips to Ensure a New Puppy’s Home is Ready

Taking care of a puppy starts even before the dog arrives. New parents spend hours baby proofing a home. In the same way, puppy owners will want to research dog care information to make sure their house and yard is a safe environment since puppies are on the move from day one.

Dog Care Information on Puppy Proofing the Yard

An important part of taking care of a puppy through puppy proofing occurs outside the home. If possible, the yard, or part of the yard should be fenced to provide a safe place for the new puppy to play outdoors. Chaining a dog is simply not a humane option. If fencing the yard isn’t in the plans, pet owners will want a leash on hand from day one to provide safe exercise and potty breaks.

Dog Care Information on Puppy Proofing the Home

Learning there are appropriate and inappropriate places to relieve themselves is a process that can take several months. Puppy proofing is critical to protect nice carpets and hardwood floors.

It’s a good idea to restrict the puppy to areas of the home that have tile or linoleum. Setting up a puppy play pen in the rooms where pet owners spend most of their time will allow the new puppy to feel like part of the family but remain under close supervision. Pet owners can use baby gates to block off rooms with carpeting or hardwood. Crating the puppy at night or for one or two hours during the day while no one’s home will help avoid too many mistakes.

Look for Expensive or Dangerous Things Puppies May Chew

Just like curious toddlers, unsupervised puppies can leave a trail of destruction in their wake. New puppies explore with their mouths and just about everything in an unfamiliar home might seem worth checking out. To protect belongings, pet owners will want to keep as many valuable items as possible out of reach.

Perhaps the best defense against puppy chewing is a good offense. By providing several appropriate dog toys, pet owners may save many furniture legs and tennis shoes.

Certain items such as electrical chords can be damaged by a puppy’s curious chewing, and can also cause harm to the unsuspecting pet. Commercial sprays are available which allow pet owners to spritz dangerous items with a fragrance offensive to a puppy’s sensitive nose.

Dog Care Information on Puppy Proofing Stairways

A new puppy will need to be taught to go up and down the stairs just like a young child. Until puppies have mastered the staircase, pet owners will want to supervise them around the area. A baby gate can be used to block off stairs until owners have time to train the dog to safely go up and down. If stairways are slick hardwood or exceptionally steep, pet owners may want to help their new puppy gain more traction with either a carpet runner, adhesive sandpaper tape, or a classy jute or sisal runner.

Taking care of a puppy is an exciting time. Getting prepared in the days and weeks leading up to the event will help ensure a safe and happy introduction . For more tips, pet owners may want to check out articles on essential dog care products , making the car ride home comfortable, and how to keep quality dog care affordable.

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