Taking Care of a Puppy During His First Car Ride

Since puppies aren’t used to a car’s noises and vibrations, here’s dog care information that can make the first ride as nonthreatening as possible.

Dog Care Information for Pet Owners Picking up Their New Puppy

Taking care of a puppy during the first car ride can have long-lasting benefits. Whether pet owners are picking up their new furry family member from the shelter across town or driving several hours to meet a breeder, that first car ride can be intimidating for a young puppy. To prevent long-lasting negative associations with car rides, pet owners can follow some simple dog care information to make their new puppy as comfortable as possible.

Dog Care Information to Make Puppy’s Car Ride Comfortable

When picking up the family’s new furry friend, plans should be made for one adult to drive and another to hold the puppy on her lap. Even though it’s not safe for dogs to travel outside a crate on a regular basis, an exception can be made for that first car ride home. To make the puppy feel secure, the pet owner can start out by holding him.

The one holding the puppy should speak soothingly. It’s important to remain calm and reassuring even if the puppy whimpers or cries. For the driver’s part, it’s helpful to leave music low or off and to keep the driving smooth.

To prevent an upset stomach, pet owners will want to remind the breeder to let their puppy skip breakfast the morning of the car ride. Also, ginger is a natural remedy which can settle a dog’s stomach. Pet owners planning a longer trip to pick up their new puppy can consult their veterinarian on an appropriate amount to offer should the need arise. Despite the best precautions, it’s a good idea for the one holding the puppy to cover her lap with a towel just in case. A long car ride without a needed change of clothes is guaranteed to become even longer.

Dog Care Information for a Road Trip

Pet owners set on finding a rare breed might be in for a road trip. A car ride with a reassuring owner at hand is likely to be less stressful to a new puppy than shipping. With a little preparation, the excursion will turn out to be a fun family memory.

Supplies for the trip include an old towel to spread over the lap of whoever’s holding the puppy, and sheets to protect the floor of the car. Pet owners will also need to bring along a collar and leash for potty breaks, a bowl for water, and some food the puppy’s used to if the trip is a long one. Puppies may also appreciate a toy or two to chew on during the ride.

Pet owners will want to allow puppies frequent chances to stretch their legs, but they need to remember, puppies most likely won’t be fully vaccinated. Because of this, it’s imperative to avoid places where dogs are walked such as rest stops or welcome centers.A pet owner can start out with her puppy on her lap. But, if the dog seems over stimulated or anxious, he may need a break. Bringing a small crate along may provide a comforting place for the puppy to be alone for a quiet nap.

Pet owners should be aware that tiny puppies can squirm almost anywhere. It’s imperative that the little guy not be able to get near the driver’s foot pedals. Pet owners will want to block off access to the driver’s side from beneath the dash or behind the driver’s seat. Everyone in the car will be safest if the puppy is either held or in a crate.

Pet owners will want to plan their trip to avoid a hotel stay for the puppy’s first night. For one thing, puppies can be noisy their first nights away from home. Additionally, most hotels require pets to be crated at all times and this isn’t the way a family wants to become acquainted with their new puppy.

Taking care of a puppy is an exciting time. That first car ride can help pet owners establish a warm and trusting relationship with their dog.

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